Everything to enjoy a wonderful holiday


Everyone has their own pace...

The connoisseur can go to Ostend! Do terraces in the center and shop every day of the week! Ostend breathes Ensor, so there are countless ways to get to know him. Soak up culture in the museums, or walk in the footsteps of Marvin Gaye. Prefer to do the Crystal Ship tour? Sip a cocktail in one of the beach bars, rent a beach chair to sunbathe... or would you rather lie on the slightly quieter Oosteroever in the soft sand and watch the sunset?


Those who prefer not to sit still can take the bike to discover 'Het Groene Lint'. Make beach walks of many kilometers. There are 3 surf clubs where you can go for water sports. Even a brand new swimming pool, open May 2021! Take boat trips and go fishing. You can visit the petting zoo or participate in other organized children's activities. By action do you mean discovering the nightlife earlier? There are many possibilities, come and discover them!


Ostend Culture/Art

If you have an eye for culture and art, you can certainly visit Ostend! From the Ensor House and Ensor Walk to the museums with the work of the man and many others. You can visit the KAAP Arts Center. Admire street art via the Crystal Ship Tour. Or visit the well-preserved Atlantic Wall defense line.


The robust Fort Napoleon, the graceful Royal Galleries of yesteryear, the Wellington Racecourse, the neo-Gothic Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Lighthouse Lange Nelle, Kursaal Ostend, discover Ostend's heritage from the belle époque and the interwar period in 'petit Paris' .... !

Nature and beauty

Flower splendor at the unique Flower Clock! Stroll through the beautiful Leopold or Maria Hendrika Park. Unique nature experience at Provincial Domain Raversyde and the associated park. Cycle through the fields and nature via 'Het Groen Lint'. Visit the Japanese Garden. Go sailing at sea and enjoy the pure salty sea air!


Culinary enjoyment

On our quay you can enjoy a high-quality culinary experience at STORM, a restaurant that pays tribute to North Sea fish. You can also go to the Ostend classic 'Ristorante Marina' to celebrate and enjoy the unique decor that radiates splendor. In the Jolly Sailor you will find a high-quality plate of Fish and Chips!

Sweet treat

Founded in Ghent in 1839, now settled on the Baelskaai: the legendary waffle baker 'Max Consael' opened their business in April 2021 with Kermiskraam decor. Artisan waffles, ice cream, oliebollen... a delicious coffee. The temptation will be great....

Refreshment on the go

At Kabine you can enjoy a coffee, breakfast, a light lunch or a drink on the go. In the small grocery store FAAR you can buy a sandwich and other artisanal products that they offer. Special regional beers or daily purchases. You can even order your sandwich online!